We provide the highest-quality of care for people with kidney disease

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What We Offer:

• Treatment for kidney failure
• Blood filtered through dialyzer
• Remove unwanted waste, toxins and excess fluids
• Clean, chemically balanced blood is then returned to your body.
• Can be done in comfort of your home/Clinic

• Treatment for kidney failure
• Uses blood vessels in abdomen to filter waste from your blood
• Peritoneal catheter absorbs waste and toxins from blood vessels in the peritoneum & discard
• Dialysate cleaning is done

• Provide nutrition, medications, education to delay the progression of chronic kidney disease
• Close examination by physician/nurse practitioner
• Organized plan of care


• Outpatient dialysis treatment for kidney failure
• Rids body of unwanted toxins, waste products, and excess fluids by filtering your blood


• Diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the kidney
• Management of kidney dysfunction
• The preservation of kidney health, from diet, medication, to renal replacement therapy

• Transplant recipients are seen once every 3-4 months with labs
• Physician care for kidney transplant patients
• Monitoring and Infection prevention
• Care is coordinated with the patient’s respective transplant center.
• Administer Procrit or Aranesp injections for the treatment of anemia related to chronic kidney disease
• Provide and monitor labs
• Related to chronic kidney disease

• Provides critical care & minimally invasive treatments for dialysis patients
• Blood pressure lowering medicines to treat high blood
• Catheter is inserted into blood vessel to allow blood to be drawn or medication to be delivered into patient’s bloodstream.
• Care that helps reduce hospitalization

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